Program Tracks

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The UCSF Infectious Diseases Fellowship has two ERAS/NRMP tracks to which applicants can apply: a Research Track and a Clinician Educator Track. Applicants can apply to one or both tracks depending on career interests. We are happy to discuss that decision with applicants any time during the application process.

Research Track

Applicants should apply to the Research Track if they are interested in a career involving research. Fellows in this track usually do two to three additional years of research after the first clinical year. We offer robust research opportunities and mentorship in multiple areas including bench and translational research, clinical research and epidemiology, implementation science, and public and global health. Fellows in this track have the opportunity to obtain additional research skills through a variety of different coursework and training options. Applicants with a specific interest in research in transplant ID, antimicrobial stewardship, or hospital epidemiology/infection prevention should also apply to this track.

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Clinician Educator Track

Applicants should apply to the Clinician Educator Track if they are interested in a career as a clinician educator, clinician administrator, or leader in antimicrobial stewardship or hospital epidemiology/infection prevention where research will not be a significant part of their career. Fellows in this track do a total of two years of fellowship training. Additional coursework and mentorship can be provided in multiple areas including medical education, HIV medicine, transplant ID, antimicrobial stewardship, and hospital epidemiology/infection prevention.

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In both the Research Track and Clinician Educator Track there are two possible subtracks: the Antimicrobial Stewardship/Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Prevention Track and the Transplant/Immunocompromised Host ID Track. Both of these subtracks can be done as either part of the two-year Clinician Educator Track or three-year Research Track, depending on a fellow’s career goals.