Life in ID Fellowship

Family Friendly

Living in San Francisco

Quotes from ID fellows about life at UCSF and living in the Bay Area

Balmy Ave, SF

Ocean Beach

"I'm always stunned by how beautiful the city is. Both from within the streets and from atop the hills, the sites, the smells, the people all encourage a sense of creative potential; it percolates around you, wrapping you in deep allure.

Regardless of the fact that I was born and raised across the country, coming back to this place, stepping out of the hospital, or peeking out from behind my computer, I strongly feel a sense of home here. "

Balmy Alley Murals
Sutro Heights Park


Aldea Housing


"For me, I think UCSF housing at Aldea was a really great for people arriving with kids. We felt grateful to have landed there when we were new to SF. There was tons of communal space and shared babysitting/nanny opportunities. ‘Campus life’ organized activities for the kids like weekend art activities, etc. It has incredibly affordable rent and a beautiful albeit cloud-veiled location!"

Aldea Housing Info



Hardly Strictly Bluegrass



"My three favorite things about ID fellowship in San Francisco:

1. The wonderful cultural events (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Music Festival, Oakland First Friday, Sunday Streets Festivals, Pride, Cherry Blossom Festival, etc);

2. The ID division's and my co-fellows's enthusiastic advocacy for science and our patients;

3. Biking around town!"

Critical Mass
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass


Ice Cream cone from Bi-Rite

California Academy of Sciences



"I like the city's walk-ability, incredible parks and playgrounds, and mild weather all contribute to a great environment for kids. Our family's favorite spots include the California Academy of Sciences (get a membership if you can - it's a place your kids will want to return to many times), the public library, getting ice cream (Ice Cream Bar, Bi-Rite, Humphrey Slocombe), and pretty much any public park (Alamo Square, Stow Lake and Golden Gate Park playground, Buena Vista, and many more)."

California Academy of Sciences


Photo of Tomales Bay State Park


"I love reserving a table at Hog Island and barbecuing oysters, reserving the tomales bay kayak-in campsites, and having a drink at Nick's Cove in the detached boathouse with wood burning stove. Other great activities include hiking on lands end trail or walking on baker beach after work at the VA."

The Marshall Store
Tomales Bay State Park