We strive to build a diverse program to match the mix of our patient population and bring in varied perspectives to patient care and research programs.

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Our ID Fellowship Diversity Committee works to...

  1. Support the recruitment of diverse applicants to the fellowship program
  2. Build community amongst our diverse fellows
  3. Create training programs to ensure our faculty and trainees support an inclusive learning environment

The ID Fellowship Diversity Committee partners with the Diversity Committees of the Internal Medicine Residency and GME Office as well as the Department of Medicine Fellow Diversity Committee.

Committee Leadership

Carina MarquezCarina Marquez, MD, MPH
Director, Fellowship Diversity Committee
[email protected]

Jorge SalazarJorge Salazar, MD
Co-chair, Fellow, Fellowship Diversity Committee
[email protected]


Laura Casalegno Maria Laura Casalegno, MD
 Co-chair, Fellow, Fellowship
 Diversity Committee
 [email protected]