Infectious Diseases Clinic

Our infectious diseases clinic serves as a referral center for a wide spectrum of infectious diseases in patients from all around Northern California.

We specialize in the evaluation and management of patients with complicated infectious diseases issues. Many of our common referrals include recurrent skins and soft tissue infections, recurrent urinary tract infections, recurrent herpes virus infections, mycobacterial infections of the lungs and skin, coccidioidomycosis, fever of unknown origin, bone and joint infections, evaluations for possible Lyme disease (we follow the guidelines of the Infectious Diseases Society of America), and many others.

Adult General Infectious Diseases and Transplant Infectious Diseases
400 Parnassus Avenue
2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94143
Phone: (415) 353-2626
Fax: (415) 353-3538

To make an appointment at the Outpatient Infectious Diseases Clinic at UCSF have your physician fax us a referral with a written history and relevant labs to our clinic at fax # 415-353-2568. Our physician will review the referral and then you will be contacted by our clinic to schedule an appointment. The Infectious Diseases Clinic can be contacted at 415-353-2626 for an appointment and/or inquiries.